Reminder: Mtl video blogger meetup

Reminder from Brett: Next Tuesday, January 17th, at Laika, 4040 St. Laurent.

Hello All! Please join us for the second monthly meetup of Movl – the Montreal Videobloggers group! Like our last meeting, its a call for artists, filmmakers, activist, geeks, superstars and casually interested hipsters to come by and discuss/participate in the emerging videoblogging phenomenon.

WHAT IS VIDEOBLOGGING? Think podcasting, but with video. Actually, don’t think that. While the technology is similar (each of your video posts will be automatically downloaded by viewers as you create them), videoblogging is unique because the format is so wide open. People around the world are creating video content that is incredibly diverse, and you can too. It’s easy and free, and the goal of Movl is to get more people in Montreal doing it.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? There’s a projector at Laika, so we’ll be showing some videoblogs, explaining the technology and a little history, and throwing down some ideas for how we can create a community of prolific and supportive videobloggers in our town. It’s meant to be casual and for techies and non-techies alike.

EST-CE QUE C’EST JUSTE POUR LES BLOKES? On veut avoir plus de francophones! Malheureusement, cette liste semble aller principalment aux anglos. C’est seulement parce que Mike et moi connaissent plus de monde dans le milieu anglo. Nous voulons pas créer un espace unilingue – alors svp de passer cette information à tous les gens que vous pensez pourriez être intéressé.

See you there! Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

Author: m-c

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