TV is out too

Hey kids, TV is definitely out. Four Eyed Monsters is one of my favorite vlog – i honestly much prefer watching these guy than turning my cable TV on. What’s wrong?

Blogging gave written medias the worse headaches ever (circa 2002-2003). Podcasting made us realize how commercial radio is poor, and that there is a demand for some new kind of audio content (circa 2004-2005). Video blogging (also called Vlog) is there since some months now, and people are creating pieces that will, or are in fact, directly competing with TV (circa 2006). Changes are to be expected. If i would be a big player in the media industry, i would:

1. stretch and breath deeply;
2. pick up the phone, or google, and quickly get in touch with some uber-geek or someone who ‘gets’ my net generation – the one who barely watch TV, read newspapers or listen to radio – so to explain them what the heck is going on;
3. stretch and breath again, close my eyes and jump in.

Author: m-c

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