If i had all answers

There’s too much on my mind, there’s no way i can go on without writing about it.

Problem is, i have only questions. Some sort of answers but i dont feel like sharing them here now. Lazy, dont know.

1st question – there’s so much people getting into podcasting, how is this gonna turn out, will there be a place for everyone?

2 – so many people are into blogging, so many wanna join – how is this gonna turn out? will everyone have someone to read them? will blogs stay blogs? how will they evolve?

3 – Am i still having fun doing this?

4 – the new economy : how will my clients deal with the fact that they can know so much about me, my worries, moods, and what’s on my mind while i am working on their projects?

5 – how the hell will i make it to realize all of what’s on my mind?

This last one kills me.

Author: m-c

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