Tomorrow Canada

Tomorrow is the Day.

I’ll be giving an interview on the Sounds Like Canada CBC radio One show about my views on the blogging and podcasting world, and stuff i do that involves new web technologies.

T’es tu nerveuse m-c?
oui et non.
As tu hâte? cé gros hein!
oui c’est gros. merci de me le rappeller.
Cé vraiment ta plus grosse entrevue à date, tu dois commencer à être habitué?

Oui j’ai hâte, j’ai juste peur de pas réussir à bien dire ce que je veux dire, de perdre le fil de mes idées parce qu’impressionnée par le studio ou des détails techniques — mais l’important comme dans tout, c’est d’avoir du fun, alors ca pour sur que oui, je vais essayer de prendre mon pied.

I had to choose 3 pieces of music that will be played during the show. I took special care to choose pieces that represent a lot to me, bands from around here. Stay tuned.

Sounds Like Canada takes you to the communities and people who make this country so diverse, complex and exciting. Shelagh Rogers invites you to join her and her guests weekday mornings at 10 o’clock.

Tomorrow, i’ll be talking to you, Canada. 10′ am.

Author: m-c

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