Hey, Wassssssup?!

Hey m-c, wassssssup? almost 48hrs without blogging, you must be under really uncontrollable circumstances, something like oh god you suddenly found yourself laying on some beach in Tahiti or worse, finding yourself in the middle of a crowd in New York or L.A, or under a bridge in Venice… or?

still got this bad cold but also busy. I am mostly there these days, new stuff coming soon.

Otherwise, i learned today that my blog is worth $63,793.02 – can’t wait to see which color this money is.

I guess if you are bored you can check out other great blogs out there, ’till i get back, from Venice.

(Insert clever name), Ben, Julien, nika, Bandeapart.fm, Bonsound, Puddingchomeur, Podmodernisme, Les beignets.

Author: m-c

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