Seth and New York

me: Hey hi, do you by any chance know who Seth Cohen is?
him: hehe, well yeah, i heard about this tv show…
me: ok, well, i must not be the first one to tell you that you kinda look like Seth Cohen…
him: hehe, no..
me: ok.. What’s your name (Seth)?
him: Oh, i’m Robert. And you?
me: i’m (Summer) m-c.. nice to meet you..

he wasn’t able to see the little flying pink hearts coming from me i guess. I (heart) Seth Cohen.


A little earlier, i was having a drink with nika, chatting about (boys, boys and boys) and going out to New York for her coming birthday…

nika: so, what about NY at the end of the month? Peeete is waiting for us there.. and fwed is also up for it
m-c: aaahhhhh – stop asking me, i dont wanna think about money rigth now.. there is the trip to paris coming, tickets for hotel and plane to buy for sxsw also and now NY… dont wanna think about my credit card bills…

Kate from obsessive consumption started to draw all her credit card statements, and this, ’till they’re all payed off.

Somehow i feel better now. Maybe i should give this a try.

Author: m-c

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