Pop Montreal International Music Festival: the end must come, we found the slice!

The festival is almost over and we’re getting a little less sober everyday. Here is a picture of us turning nuts after Toine, soon to be mayor, found the official Pop Montreal bread slice laying in the middle of St-Laurent boulevard at 3am on a saturday nite.

We were just getting out of the Zoobombs show after being refused at the entrance of Island (ex unicorns) at the Academy Club (‘but she’s doing the blog and poooodcasting thing‘ Nika told the guy – ‘Yeah, but we are totally sold out, sorry‘).

Earlier, The Most Serence Republic (pod#46) and The Lovely Feathers (pod#44) were first part of Metric at Club soda. Both 2 first act were awesome even if the place was filled by teenagers and was way too asepticized for me – i much prefer seeing bands in small venues. All this into the spirit of Rock, and Roll.

Author: m-c

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