Podcast #42: CYHSY, The Coral Sea, In support of living, The Album Leaf and As the Poets Affirm

Uh oh! Long time no see, it has been almost a week since last podcast, but hey, here is Vu d’ici’s first podcast fully implemented with chapters! Weeee! Have fun kids, it is all about rock&roll and how good music makes the world go round.

Get it right here:
mp3 format (chapters not supported)
m4a format (chapters suported)

Tracklisting is as follow:

00:00:00: intro for the dudes, testing implementing chapters
00:00:27: Clap your hands say yeah Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
00:04:34: The Coral Sea Ancient Modern People
00:08:29: m-c’s blablaing about this week’s obsession+interviews
00:12:43: In Support of Living This song wont save you
00:17:46: The Album Leaf On Your Way
00:27:46: As The Poets Affirm A Voice Recited the News on the Radio

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Author: m-c

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