Death cab for cutie – Plans

Update: The album is available from today. You can get it on itunes.

Dudes, we’ve got some kind of a gem here – Death cab for cutie’s latest is gonna blow your mind. Soul meets body is available on iTunes, the album release is for august 30th.

It does stick in my head and pushes all worries away. For that, i am sending all my love and appreciation to the band members for creating such music.

Dont know if this is supposed to be hidden, but i found it and since we’re friends (i suppose we are), i am sharing it with you guys: some random footage from Death Cab for Cutie in the studio finishing up Plans.

On their official website, Chris wrote:
‘Our record is done and will be out soon, and i suspect many of you will be hearing it before that happens. I, for one, am in support of that, because it’s at taht moments that any document is made real, Any book or record or journal or photograph is only a diary entry until it becomes part of the public record. The leak and subsequent radio play of ‘Soul meets body’ means that it’s finished – no more commentary or mastering tweaks. And it’s thrilling, that feeling, because the listener is the most vital part of any recording.’

Tune into their blog: Make No Little Plans – on the road with death cab for cutie.

Just bought my ticket for their show on oct 16th at le spectrum.

While i’m at it, here are a few other shows you shouldn’t miss:
Of Montreal, august 28th at la sala rossa.
Annie, sept. 27th.
Beck sept 28th.
rock’n roll dudes.

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