Annie: some girls have it all

wind-in-the-wires.gifAnnie is Bergen’s new sensation. As the like Royksopp, Kings of Convenience, Erlend Oye and other famous scandinavian icons of the electronic music scene (JayJay Johansson, Björk) she created a fabulous pop album such as only scandinavians can do: with bitter like lemon twist, something that could be cold but is not, something that could snd too familiar but is not.

The like Britney and other pop-famous-sweet-girly music acts can sit on their back and take a lesson from Anniemal. She took the best into disco, R&B and pop music from the 80’s – thinking here of Donna Summer, Madonna and Kylie – and made this so slick, yet commercial, but absolutely lovely record. Will make any girl dance. Get up.

Listen here.

Annie will be playing in Montreal on sept. 27th.
Official website here with videos of hearthbeat and chewing gum.

Author: m-c

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