ding – you’ve got mail

Today i received an email from Paulo Coelho.

I sent him an email saturday, regarding something he said about the internet in an interview:

‘If world leaders do not waste the internet by taking control over it, i think the web could become a wonderful place for universal debate from which no one would be excluded.’ (translation from french, Conversations avec Paulo Coelho page 97).

In this interview, he also claim the fact that people will benefit from new technologies if they learn to use them as tools to help us communicate with each other. ‘Everything that can ease communication and get people together does contribute to make us more human and interdependent’ (cant find the right translation here for ‘solidaires’).

I wont write here about his email back to me, i just want to shout out loud my love to the internet again, for making such exchange possible.


mena also wrote last week about life recording, or how a blog can become a life archive of one’s life.

This – life recording and using the internet as a medium to communicate and shake things up – remembers me that i was not that far when i wrote this.

Author: m-c

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