What is ‘real’ podcasting

wind-in-the-wires.gifTook some time off at cafe Olympico and listened to old podcasts i did. Had some more thoughts about what is ‘real’ podcasting for me, all written under my last grocery bill. Here they are:

1. a podcast is definitely not like a traditional radio show. We of course can use it as if it was and just make it portable (as it is with most of professional podcasts out there right now), but this doesnt bring us that much further.

2. Podcasting is the radio of the future – and guess what? we are the future. Podcasting is what we’ll in some years call ‘traditional radio’, the one that will be created by everyone, and listened to by anyone, with headphones.

Right now, commercial or professional podcasting is:
the equivalent of portable traditional radio (and beside the content that can be interesting, this way to use podcasting is boring as i wrote earlier since there is nothing more than the portable technology that makes it new).

What ‘real’ podcast is or could be:
(i marked with a * what is not present in traditional radio and what these new mediums, blogs and podcasts, bring to us)

– a new medium we can use to communicate from one side of the planet to the other

– from a human voice willing to give to other humans who are open to receive, who dont know each other but communicate this way*

– share thoughts, ideas

– is personal – the podcaster talk about his personal life, feelings, emotions, expression of one’s mind***

– with spontaneity*

– improvise, explore the unknown which is of course what brings in innovation*

– portable*

– available in any time and space*

– free*

– directly connected to the web*

– organic and alive, can start or stop at any time*

– actual (rss delivers news about a new post or show in the minute it is online)*

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