Podcast #31 – Part 3 of our recording for Zundfunk German radio

Unable to deliver all 4 parts of the show right here – still, we hope you’ll enjoy these 20 minutes of the 90 minute show me and julien recorded for Zundfunk german radio:

download this podcast here

Dafluke, somewhere in us
Mossa, town hall 1
The Unicorns, i was born a unicorn
Les 3 accords, Laisse-moi
Malajube, Le métronome

Hope this will spread quebec bands music out in europe, especially germany, belgium and holland where the show will be listened. The choice about which track to play was DAMN HARD to do, but had to be done.

You can always watch a video of the recording by clicking here and there are also some pictures here.

My odeo channel is still at the same exact place and you can subscribe to it.

Cheers –

Author: m-c

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