The Day Citizen Media Went Mainstream

Antoine just posted about it – it does summarize pretty well what i was thinking about:

It is not about ‘cyberculture’ anymore – i.e. a minority of people using the web as a medium – it is about using the net as one of the most powerful tool we now have to talk to each other, from every part of the world.

– here is the wikipedia page ‘London Bombing’ where people around the world collected information about the bombing in real time;

– here is a video showing the evolution of this same page trough the day;

– and the post where this entry title was taken from.


Many people still dont know what wikipedia is. In short, wikipedia is a web based free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit – yes, anyone. With editions in 200 different languages, this makes wikipedia the biggest encyclopedia the world has known.

Wikipedia c’est une encyclopédie gratuite en ligne que tous peuvent éditer – oui, tous. Disponible en plus de 200 langues, wikipedia est la plus grande encyclopédie jamais crée.

Author: m-c

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