I dont want of your commercial, slick and boring podcasts

and oh, i forgot to write about another thing that pisses me off since some weeks. We met Boris on the way, talked about how podcasting got so big (julien and i are both 2 podcasters and both 2 listed on itune) and how the average listener using itune, getting in touch with podcasting for the first time, might get the whole podcasting thing wrong.

Podcast featured on itune’s first page are so slick and perfectly done, you’ll soon wonder where the hell is the difference with a traditional radio show otherwise that it is available as an mp3.

From what i saw, they even removed the ‘indie podcast’ feature on the podcast homepage.

Podcasting is getting mainstream bigtime, and i find quite sad that the average people wont get podcasting as what it was, what it should be: a manifestation of spontaneity, a raw expression from someone’s view on life or whatever topic he chooses to cover (and i dont mean here that podcasts have to snd like shit and be boring – people who catched the podcast thing soon enough know that it is possible to create great podcast quality with a minimal gear).

I hate the snd of their not-suppose-to-be-commercial podcasts. I hate their slick reverberated voices and pre-edited recordings. I need to feel that they are doing it raw, that anything could happen around – from their cell ringing to someone entering the room. I dont want any of your well structured, boring show that snds like any audio book or car commercial demo out there. Everything i dont want i just had to turn the radio on to get it – now that you are infesting my favorite music player it scares the hell out of me.

amen. This day is almost over.

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Author: m-c

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