We’re all one

It is not about ‘cyberculture‘ anymore – i.e. a minority of people using the web as a medium – it is about using the net as one of the most powerful tool we now have to talk to each other, from every part of the world.

According to blog tracking service, Technorati, there were more than 1,300 posts about the blasts by 1015 GMT. (…) Many blog posts are expressing concern for people who might have been caught up in the explosions, while others are précising and pointing to online news coverage. (…) Flickr, the online photo sharing website, has also started to see images from people of the blasts. Groups are being set up to pool all the photos which are “tagged” with words such as “explosions”, “bomb” and “London”. Tagging makes it easier for people to find relevant photos.

* BBC follow blogs following London’s blast.

Author: m-c

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