Podcast #27 from Montreal: featuring Ritterskamp, Mossa and Antony & the Johnsons

Let’s celebrate together this now oh-so-mainstream thing called podcasting, or what Apple now calls indie podcasting: people like I, using the internet as a medium to do many things, such as playing music and talk’n about everything and anything. People seem to like it, ipods do.

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Ritterskamp, Newfound Fear from the album Watch Yourself;
Mossa, Town Hall take 2, from epsilon lab Montreal based label;
Say hi to your mom, Dimensions and Verticals from the album Ferocious Mopes;
Pilot Balloon, Vampire Tonic (2nd rec link here);
Antony and the Jonhsons, Hope there is someone from their I am a bird album

sorry about mixing up band and track name on the Pilot Balloon track.

* * *

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Author: m-c

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