Today marked a full weak without internet connection at home. Yes, you read it well: my internet provider, Bell Sympatico, while cutting my phone line ‘caus i dont need it, managed to mess things up pretty well so i have no internet connection since a week.

I wont write much about it, i’m sure you get the picture already.


Dude, my Vu d’ici – Seen from here podcast is listed on the new iTune podcast section, this mean, you can go and subscribe to it right now.

Last time i checked my stats, the download of my podcast was around 6 000 for june. Today it reached 9 000 downloads compare to 4 000 at this time last month.

If i play with numbers in my head, this could mean that if each of you would give 1$ for each podcast of mine you download, i would probably be rich right now – what i am not. All my paintings and illustrations (ok, mostly all) are for sale.


Strangely, not having an internet connection has kinda turned my blog brain off (assuming you know that i have a brain left only for blogging, eh).

there are plenty of good shows comming – such as Jay Jay Johansson this next sunday – and the weather is too nice to stand here in front of you.

Goodbye, computer.

Author: m-c

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