Odeo’s promising future to podcasting

I have received an invite for Odeo Beta. These guys are taking ages to officially kick da little one into the cyberspace, so not all of you can see that the Vu d’ici – Seen from here podcast is listed there.

If you are a beta subscriber, my channel is here.

Cool features:
all podcasts are listed with tags wich easily give users a classification they need to find a specific show (country, city, topics covered etc.);
easy listening and subscription system;
– you can see the subscribers to a given show;
– see the user’s other subscriptions or produced podcasts;
track comments they’v made around Odeo;

The Create section is still not up, but this should be quite cool too, featuring a browser based tool to create podcasts, phone posting and feed creation and hosting.

Most of all, i think Odeo is gonna create THE real podcast community. Will it still be free?

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Author: m-c

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