While into building a start-up, i feel we are many people crafting the same kind of bizness, creating it from the same needs and values.

meïdia is just about to be officially launch. I have expectations, and other collaborators too. Still many why-how and when to figure out, but so much will and passion to put into something we wanna grow with.


from 24hl’s website:

Run fast, fly low, and be cheap
Promote from within–quickly
Keep everyone informed, both on the good news and the bad news
Organize based on a cell structure for both technical and non-technical functions
3-5 person teams
Flat organization
Be transparent
Review projects every 2 weeks
Reward innovation, ingenuity, and hard work
Evaluate and reward managers based on development of people
Top down reassignments of high achievers
Build a team with potential, drive, curiosity, intelligence and ambition
Don’t have to have experience or a track record
We want people to build experience and track records with us
Train people
Everyone teaches
Honest, frequent feedback
Weekly 1:1, staff, and all hands meetings
Written career development plans

Author: m-c

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