Podcast #25 featuring electro pop UEL’s new track

New music has never been so accessible. Bands around the world that were not signed on majors are now brought to you thanx to podcasting.

Downloading this podcast will give you special powers, such as being able to discern good from evil. (socan is evil).

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Support podcasters – free the music! Home non-commercial podcasters shouldn’t have to pay 2400$ a year to play indie or unsigned bands!

This podcast features indie rock and electropop:
– Hope by Under Electric Light (mtl);
– Blood bleed by The Helio Sequence;
– No cars go by Vitamins for you (mtl-toronto);
– The Twenty second Century by Say hi to your mom (see Spin mag feature).

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mutek05 website, tagged mutek’s pictures on flickr, Helio Sequence video on subpop, and pitchfork website.

The Helio Sequence will be playing on June 15th at El Salon on St-Laurent.

Author: m-c

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