WWDC and podcasting

Steevo took 10 minutes of his presentation to introduce podcasting and the new itune podcast subscription feature. You know that money can be made with podcasting when giants such as apple are getting into it. ipods now own 76% and itune 82% of the market share.

Beside, CBC Radio 3 also announced their ‘Canadian music podcast’.

You say, i should be happy. Somehow i am not. Actually i am kinda pissed off.

They got all artists on New Music Canada signed so they can play everything up there as ‘podsafe’ music.

What we want to know is: do played bands receive money from CBC for using their stuff? From what i’ve heard, no.

if majors like CBC do podcast using their own ‘podsafe’ music, does this mean that New Music Canada is now podsafe for all podcasters?

Author: m-c

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