Planet Mutek

Mutek is over. So are my holidays.

Worse thing when you stop is that you dont feel like starting again. My body got used to, and actually liked pretty much, going out every nite and dance ’till late. Wed, thursday, friday, saturday and then sunday. Pictures and video coming later today.

Feet tired but still feel like partying.


life still goes on. Friend Dan has a new track on. ‘Hope’ is UEL’s first attempt using his own vocals on a track, and with reason: a voice has been found that complete what was missing in UEL’s previous stuff, bringing his music to another level.

Featuring lyrics by Meb with yet another catchy UEL melody, Hope will for sure cheer up all New Order fans – a fine electro pop song, you’ll soon want more.

Volume: up up up.


I gotta catch up – our website should be online this week. I kinda forgot about this biz i am start’n. Partying will be included as a part of the bizness plan.

Author: m-c

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