$2,400 a year for podcasting? f*** you must be kidding!

Funny – but how sad.

just as i was talking about a possible future podcasting liscence at mutek yesterday, the “Canadian Podcast Music Act” is now out:

SOCAN, the association which licences performance and communication of music in Canada, is proposing to charge non-profit podcasters $200 per month for the right to use commercial music in their podcasts. (By comparison, while American podcasters pay roughly CDN$30 per month, in most cases they must pay three different groups that fee.)
SOCAN’s tariff application is currently before the Canadian Copyright Board, but it is willing to negotiate individual deals with podcasters that might be less than the proposed tariff before a Board ruling comes down. So far, only one Canadian podcaster has approached SOCAN with such a proposal.

Author: m-c

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