Podcast #24 from hip hop to electronica, everyone’s having loads of fun

Featuring 2ndrec artist’s Noah23, Giardini di Miro and Nitrada – 2ndrec is a Hamburg based label in Germany.

If your ipod could talk, he’ll probably ask you to play this one loud:
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Noah23, Saw Palmetto from the album Quicksand;
The Helio Sequence, Everyone knows everyone, from the Love and Distance album on Subpop;
Giardini Di Miro, Little victories (Dntel Remix) from The academic rise of falling drifters;
Nitrada, Just Close your Eyes, from the 0+ album.

… and loads of ‘eeeeee’ and ‘eeeeeh’ – sorry about that, did this one at last minute and late as usual.

Author: m-c

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