Into video blogging

We’ve got blogs –
evolutive online spaces that give anyone skilled enough the chance to post thoughts and ideas online and receive feedback;

then podcasting, or audio blogs –
for anyone skilled enough, the chance to post thoughts and ideas online as an audio document that could be listened to by anyone at anytime from anyplace;

then, we now have video blogs –
bloggers now go into another level of sharing by allowing readers to read them, hear them, and see them. Video blogging is not new, neither audio blogging was, but when the hipe hits, thousands of follower are showing up from every corner of the globe.

Video blogging is from far away the more human approach to online sharing – you can not only read and hear what people have to say, you can feel it trough their eyes, their faces, the tone of their voices. Video bloggers pre-record small movies under a specified topic, and with or without movie editing skills, make their way to thousands of viewers. The buzz is rapidly spreading – the web is now full of short spontaneous amateur movies showing life in is purest form, as it exactly is.

Here are some that caught my attention:

Josh Leo
steve garfields
michael verdi
sara’s corner

How to get into video blogging using a blogger account:
free vblog

of course, i could too do it. Here is what could be my first video blog, compiling short videos i have been filming over the last year around montreal. I’m not sure yet if other vblog will follow:

m-c’s Vblog #1 (heavy 96mb file).

Author: m-c

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