Encounter with podcasters

Meeting podcasters is a funny thing. Unlike bloggers, they aren’t that familiar with the whole blog thing and dont know that much about mtl bloggers (and its perfectly ok, i sometimes just expect people to know every blog i am talking about… By the way they will join next yulblog meeting so it might be real fun).

I had to leave early (elle est fatiguée et couvre peut-être un grippe) – but no worry ‘caus all was recorded and whatever i’ve been missing i will be able to listen to it later on.

Anoter fact, Julien seems to be hyperactive. ‘Damn, you’r living near my place! We should be going out E-VE-RY-DAY!’ Cool, he’s got the same phone as i so finally someone i can sms and send moblog picts to. Plus, he made me discover this nice little flash light that can be added on the phone to take pictures when its dark. Gotta get one.

We’ll be meeting soon again in may –

Author: m-c

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