Mellow electro show: Bloc Party, Sabola and Evil Pupil

So yeah, a new podcast is on, hope you like it –

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– Postal Service, Be still my heart from the We will become Silhouettes cd single, itune link;
– Bloc Party, Banquet (Phones radio edit) and Tulips, free mp3s on their website:;
– Sabola, Kill the day (live), website :;
– Evil Pupil, Funeral march on Hollywood boulevard, from Gallons of void cd, website:

This podcast is non-commercial and features mostly independant music. Stuff playing here is bought our given to me by the artists themselves. The goal here is to promote independant bands and the purchase of their music by listeners of this show. Furthermore, files are encoded at 128 kpbs to discourage piracy. More about all this here.

Author: m-c

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