Podcasting: The New Radio Revolution

a little late on this but here is one of the most interesting analysis about where is heading traditional radio, and podcasting:

‘Regardless, a trend is afoot that could transform the $21 billion radio industry. Consider the basics: With no licenses, no frequencies, and no towers, ordinary people are busy creating audio programming for thousands of others. They’re bypassing an entire industry. (…) The digital revolution took its time getting to radio. Now it’s exploding — and the big bang goes far beyond podcasting. As radio shows are turned into digital bits, they’re being delivered many different ways, from Web to satellite to cell phones. Listeners no longer have to tune in at a certain time, and within range of a signal, to catch a show or a game. As the business goes digital, the barriers to entry — including precious airwaves — count for less and less. (…) As old-fashioned radio struggles, listeners are creating the future. In just seven months, podcasts have appeared, covering subjects from Delta blues to vegetarian cooking to consumer gadgets. Podcasting is growing on the backs of two trends in the tech world: the proliferation of blogs — scores of which are becoming informal radio stations — and the growing popularity of mp3 players’

Read the whole article here.

Author: m-c

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