Podcasting manifesto

Before we’ll all get crazy about it, i think we should sit down and make some things clear about the home version of podcasting.

We all know about the technical aspect, and if you dont, you’ll soon figure out that setting up a podcast is pretty easy. A good setup is nice, but it is not the setup that matters, but the content.

So here’s my podcasting manifesto who will for sure grow with time. But there are some basic points which i would like to-be podcasters, and listeners, to know before hand.

1. A podcast should be loose and laid back –
‘caus it is not a professional radio show, neither amateur like. It is an underground movement that will evolve in itself as something new.

2. Recording should be spontaneous –
no editing please, and mistakes are more than welcome. Yeah, all ‘eeeee’ ‘aaaa’ ‘blblblbl’ are welcome too!

3. The prime goal is be to have fun –
fun for the podcaster and fun for the listeners, that’s pretty much about it.

4. Share –
about your passions, whatever they are.

5. Claim freedom –
a podcast can be recorded and listened to at anytime, from any place, and can be about mostly anything. What else to ask for?

Author: m-c

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