Podcasting does the NYT

A good coverage after all, just watch the wave and hype get even stronger now:

(…) Their show, mostly ad-libbed, is a podcast, a kind of recording that, thanks to a technology barely six months old, anyone can make on a computer and then post to a Web site, where it can be downloaded to an iPod or any MP3 player to be played at the listener’s leisure.

ok ok. good. but mp3 readable devices – not only ipod please.

And as bloggers have influenced journalism, podcasters have the potential to transform radio.

a revolution into another one.

Already many radio stations, including National Public Radio and Air America, the liberal-oriented radio network, have put shows into a podcast format. And companies are seeing the possibilities for advertising; Heineken, for example, has produced a music podcast. (…) Still, most podcasts are made by people like the two Brads, who record from basements, bedrooms or bathrooms, and devote their shows to personal passions. (…) There are music podcasts – cover songs, punk and “The Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard.” There are many religious podcasts, nicknamed Godcasts. Then there is “Five Hundy by Midnight,” a Midwest gambler’s musings on Las Vegas. There are podcasts on sports and on bicycling, on agriculture and on politics. There are poetry podcasts and technology podcasts.

Things are getting worse here :

People who study consumer behavior say the rapid growth of podcasts reflects people’s desire for a personalized experience, whether creating a stuffed animal at a Build-a-Bear store or creating playlists for their iPods. “It’s about control,” said Robbie Blinkoff, an anthropologist at Context-Based Research, a consulting firm in Baltimore that has done several studies on how technology changes human behavior. “Making something of their own, feeling like they’ve put it together, there’s lots of self-confidence in that,” Mr. Blinkoff said.

yeah, that is why i started this blog first of all: i’d never been good at doing stuffed animal AND i am a control freak. LOL –

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