Larger than life.

There are some people i wish i could have met,
some genius who already passed out that i will never get to meet –
so it is about Tibor Kalman.

Something tell me that i could have learn much from a men like him.
I would have probably been so impress by his energy and presence that it would have filled up my head and my heart enough to last a full year.
Some people are just like that: being around them give you incredible drive, motivation, inspires you and give you the strength to move mountains.

So it was about Tibor.

Here was this. Tibor. Six foot two. Larger than life. Mountain mover. Fearless guy. Policitcal. Romantic. Hilarious. The works. Interested in EVERYTHING. From how snack foods are invented, to why people hate. Drove himself relentlessly. Drove people nuts. Royal pain in the ass. He simply wanted to, believed he could – change the world. No more or less. by M. Kalman.

From Colors.

Author: m-c

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