How to maximise client meetings when you’ve got less than 4hrs sleep the nite before

This i should be able to tell you by the end of the day.


19h06 pm. I’ve managed to make it trough the day. Here’s how:

– have a coffee just before the meeting. You’ll either have a major crash down or will be on a high;
– wish for the second option above to happen;
– if the meeting is about to last more than an hour (as in my case), try to have the two following options available to you: have a chair to sit on for short time span – have a wall to lean on when you stand up so that you dont fall off;
– try watching people in the eyes, that is the only way to avoid your mind leaving your body for a better world where you could be sleeping;

and at last, shower your mind with the following sentence over and over ’till you really feel it: ‘I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO AWAKE IN MY WHOLE LIFE’. However, be careful to keep this sentence in your mind and not to let it go out of your mouth – this could be hell scary.

All of the above was tested and proved to be successful.

Author: m-c

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