Podcasting vs the RIAA

“The artist controls just part of the music-making process; the audience adds the rest. Fans’ imagination makes it real. Their participation makes it live. (…) We are just troubadours. The audience is our collaborator. We should be encouraging their collaboration, not treating them like thieves”

Wilco‘s band leader Jeff Tweedy to Lawrence Lessig in Wired mag, Feb. 2005.

This does remind me of a saying about social softwares: build, create tools that will allow people to take actions that were not possible before. Watch them using YOUR tools and they’ll soon show you the way THEY wanna use it, and even what THEY want it to do for them.

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I got a bunch of questions about podcasting and artists rights running over me since some weeks.

I thought about it for a while. A long while.

I’m gonna limit myself to non RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America – songs into my podcasts ‘caus i dunnot want to get into trouble with them.

But hey – here are my points about the topic itself, let me know what you think – musicians and podcasts listeners – i want this post to shine some light on the issue.

Fact 1 : Podcasting music does promote the artists.
How many of you heard about Kings of convenience from me and will be attending their show next week?
How many of you ordered or bought some of the music i played on my podcasts?
How many of you heard stuff that you wouldn’t have probably heard of anywhere else?
And what about the emergence of netlabels – labels that freely distribute music in digital audio format so that the music released by their label circulates around and reach as much people as possible?

Fact 2 : Podcasting makes content and music availalbe to more people.
Usual radio doesn’t reach the average people anymore. Either because it is too commercial and/or the show schedules do not fit into the user agenda. Podcast allows user to record and listen to shows whenever and wherever they feel like.

Fact 3 : Technology now allows us to do things differently, so why not shaking things a little in new directions that will benefit each parties on the long way?
I can easily make my own set up at home and broadcast information. This couldn’t have been done some years ago. Technology now allows us to expand the possibilities of what we can do and all we can be. I find it quite sad to have to refrain myself and keep doing things in an old fashion way when technology allows me to create in a different way, see better, see evolving the way radio was thought of.

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The list will grow but rigth now my body just want to sleep. Awaiting feedback.

Author: m-c

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