A week before sebastien posted about it, i imagined a system that would allow us to create an genealoy of blogs: Who inspired who to create a blog, which blog author created the sparkle you needed to create your own?

Blogtree provides a way for subscribers to enter their parent blogs (blogs that inspired them to create their own) which allows them to discover their siblings (other blogs created by your ‘parent’ blog).

In my exemple, caterina was one of the first blog i discovered in 2001. You can see which blogs got her to create her own one (parent blogs), her siblings, and finally child blogs that were inspired by her weblog.

My blog is listed there – please go on and add me as a parent if i did inspired the creation of your blog, not for egoistical purpose – i would just love to see the genealogy of Vu d’ici.

Unfortunately, the blogtree site seems to be down most of the time.

(In case you are wondering, the word ‘blog’ does appear 17 times in this post).

Author: m-c

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