Are you a member of the “Smart Mob Generation”?
Source: UBCWiki: MobGeneration

Well, it isn’t really a generation, it is more a mindset and way of working – but answer the five questions below to find out:

1. Do you wear a computer?
(…) So ask yourself – how often do you get further than a room’s distance from your cell phone? Do you always take the cell phone with you when you go out? Do you use your phone as more than a communication device – do you use it to search for information, find out where you are, check out the closest restaurant, take digital pictures, play games? Do you essentially wear a computer most of the time?

— yes

2. Do you text?
Are you a member of the “thumb tribe” -do you use your cell phone to send and receive text messages?

— yes

3. Are you wacky when you’re not wified?
Do you seldom go to meetings any more without your laptop/PDA? Is looking for a wireless connection one of the first things that you do when you sit down at a conference, meeting, workspace? Members of the smart mob generation want to be constantly connected, they love swimming in that pervasive sea of communication, content, collaboration and computing – being simultaneously and continuously connected to others and to the network is part of their opreating landscape.

— oh yes!

4. Have you have turned some of your “remembering” over to a technology object?
Can you still remember all the phone numbers you regularly use, or does your phone do that remembering for you? Does your phone call you to remind you of a meeting or other scheduled event? Does it feel like you’ve offloaded some of your lower order cognitive processes to technology? For example, can you still compose a paper in long-hand, or do you need to computer screen in front of you? (…)

— hm. I still use paper most of the time, to take notes and schematize ideas – and my agenda is, and will still be, on paper.

5. Do you participate in online reputation systems? Have you ever joined a virtual social network or Friend of a Friend network like [Friendster], [LinkedIn], [], [orkut],[Flickr], [Eliyon] or even the campus-based version, [Thefacebook]?
– yes
Do you post your book reviews on, or a buyer/seller rating on eBay?
– yes

Then you’ve participated in an online reputation system – (…)
— well, yes, ok!

I am indeed, a member of the smart mob generation – no doubt. These are really interesting time to be alive, there is so much to learn and i feel there is still so much to be created – possibilities are expanding at an impressive speed. This is what i tried to express in this entry, as a member of this smart generation:

(…) I can post from mostly anywhere / anytime, – my home, coffees i like, workplace, the street –
I can send pictures from mostly anywhere / anytime, – as long as my cellphone signal is on –
and have them seen from mostly anyone at anytime.

I am anywhere and everywhere – can’t you see it –
geography has disappeared in an immense web of sharing – how w-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-de.

electronic devices has made sharing thoughts with the rest of the world easier than ever –
let’s see how is it gonna be like in years from now.
numerous conversations wouldn’t have took place without IM and emails sharing –
many party missed, wouldn’t it have been of people SMSing me.

— how much of my life got influenced and shaped by meeting these people —

how many ideas exchanged, that have evolved in each and everyone’s head –
e v o l v i n g ,
changing our lifes – (…)

Author: m-c

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