43 things

the site is up and i have got an invitation to join. See my list here.

For those who are not subscribed yet, here are some screenshots of the website. Really basic but i believe this is gonna work out:

list screen, features your last picts on flikr, blog and website url, rss feed link,
home screen, features last entries, most popular and new goals
– the team goal screen (do this as a team – which is cool but will it be used?)

– easy implementation of the list on my blog,
– past and realized goals (with a big ‘done’ X!) – done, i’ve just seen it
– link to other users who previously had the same goal and have realized it (and the how, when) -ooops, i’ve just seen it’s there through the ‘people who’ve done this’ – great job guys
– avatar implementation
– friends and contact list

Author: m-c

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