Everything’s interrelated, interconnected

Everything’s interrelated,
interconnected (1010101010101010101)

I can post from mostly anywhere / anytime, – my home, coffees i like, workplace, the street –
I can send pictures from mostly anywhere / anytime, – as long as my cellphone signal is on –
and have them seen from mostly anyone at anytime.

I am anywhere and everywhere – can’t you see it –
geography has disappeared in an immense web of sharing – how w-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-de.

electronic devices has made sharing thoughts with the rest of the world easier than ever –
let’s see how is it gonna be like in years from now.

so many people have i actually shared with –
these same i wouldn’t probably have met if it wouldn’t have been of my presence in this endless web,
people who have known me as a virtual entity at first,
there are probably hundreds of them now,
maybe more (384922652637484626250736363)

numerous conversations wouldn’t have took place without IM and emails sharing –
many party missed, wouldn’t it have been of people SMSing me.

— how much of my life got influenced and shaped by meeting these people —

how many ideas exchanged, that have evolved in each and everyone’s head –
e v o l v i n g ,
changing our lifes –

-i–i–i–i- -i- -i- -i- -i- -i- -i- -i- -i–i–i–i- -i- -i–i- -i- -i- -i- -i- -i-

I just can’t guess it –
the amount of knowledge that got shared,
ideas that were created,
how many lifes influenced by virtually interacting with each other.

in some time from now blogs won’t be blogs anymore,
they’re gonna be virtual id’s – our thoughts-ideas-tastes-
virtual memoir of our lifes,
archived as a straight html files –
intellectual souls, classified by day/week/month/year/decades –
family trees,
fully linked network of all our related friends, family, interest and hobbys.

You’ll be able to get into people’s webspaces,
and make the move (or not) that could bring you to interact with them –
Then, zillions of things could happen —
or none (0).

We won’t be strangers anymore,
we’ll all be invisibly connected together (ok, we already are)
far away so close,
growing / sharing with each other.

the more of yourself you’re gonna put in,
the more will be given to the community –
this entity,
it’s gonna grow –
we’ll venture in new technologies (!)
* * * with more weblogs then stars in the sky * *

millions of blogs, (right now about 5,070,054)
each of them being different from each other –
there wont be any limit,
everyone’s invited ‘caus there is plenty of gigabytes waiting to be filled –
thousands of people waiting to be heard.
bring your on music-pictures-videos, we shall all listen.

we’ll all be loosely joined, our lifes being all interrelated, interconnected,
– want it or not.

©2004, m-c turgeon Рwww.mcturgeon.com

Author: m-c

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