(09:58:22) m-c: who’s there?

I do know about intuition – sometimes i just feel things, like this morning. Waking up with my ex in mind, dunno why, but there is something, he is on my mind for something – dunno what.

Getting up.
Checking email.
Then, a stranger showing up on IM.

(09:57:49) 1895836: hey hey! whats up?
(09:58:22) m-c: who’s there?
(09:58:27) 1895836: florian
(09:58:34) m-c: oh boy,
(09:58:35) m-c: hey
(09:58:41) 1895836: hey hey

(blah blah)

(10:04:52) m-c: how’s life iin hh?
(10:05:00) m-c: here the weather sucks, really
(10:05:02) 1895836: oh. good.. cold and rainy like always thogh
(10:05:04) 1895836: haha. yeah
(10:05:07) 1895836: same here

Close to 2 years now that i left and that we haven’t spoke or see each other.
I swear, i have to trust my feelings from now on – no doubt.

Author: m-c

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