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Now that i got my 2 new toys (cell+ipod), i need some money…


Get a package with my hosting provider, dreamhost, and put me as a referral so i can earn 65 bucks. I have the ‘crazy domain insane’ for 7,95$ a month, 3 domains, 120gb transfer – that does the job. Don’t forget, the referal!

* * *

I got a new cellphone with fido – they also have a referrer deal – so if you get a deal with fido, put me as referral and we each get 20$ back.

* * *

Guess what?
If you need a cellphone, i have one for sale! My little siemens a56 is still in really good shape after one year of use – i let it go for 50$. Mail me.

Author: m-c

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