flickr cé l’avenir – redux

Sorry for not blogging but i am now flickraddicted.

* Update ***

While re-reading this entry i thought i should explain my thoughts a little more in depth here, ‘caus i heard you thinking: “flickr cé l’avenir? What the f***?”

Lemme tell you about my flickraddiction…

I discovered flickr a while ago, and just didn’t got it at first. It took me a while – the 3th time was actually the good one, with the ‘– oh yeah, i got it now–!’.

I am flickraddicted means i cant stop looking at the photo page, the one where you can see pictures posted a minute ago by people all around the world.

— you might still wonder what is so special about that —

for me it has everything special.

All my life i have been troubled by the fact that i cant be everywhere at the same time, see everything of what is going on around the planet. Choices are always hard to do, and if i could split myself in many parts so i could see different parts of the world + what people are up to at the same time, i would do it.

But now there is flickr — so you’re happy to read that i gived up the idea about splitting myself hm? —
which allows me to see what people are up to right now ‘caus they just posted about it a minute ago.

While writing this, she was holding a star in her hand –
she didn’t knew i was looking at her –
the sun was shining over amsterdam
and i am here.

simply fascinating.

Author: m-c

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