Frnchr beta – (around the clock post)

Here is what late nite conversations on IM can bring you to do…


* (the next step when you get to date someone you know from friendster or flickr – nothing more to say here – was way too funny to chat about, i had to post it).

** (and because this is not the kind of thing i am posting on this blog, it wont be there fore more than 24hrs – so you have ’till 23h49 tomorrow nite to make fun of it).

* * *

(24hrs later)

you know what?
i have finally decided to give a chance to this Frnchr thing – it has the right to live and it makes people smile, so, why bother?

Plus, it made me create this great new category, ‘i kind of wanted to post it but at the same time didn’t wanted to’ which i think is great ‘caus it will allow me to post all the obscenities i have kept for myself ’till now.

(you are wondering, aren’t you? 😉

Author: m-c

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