Expecting changes

Vu d’ici:
This blog managed trough typepad since a little more than a year now is gonna be moved back to MT. Expect more features and easier navigation, early next year. I am quite happy to finally be working on the new layout and code, i feel so much more in control – not that typepad isn’t good, but getting back to the old MT just gives me more flexibility and freedom. Expect (another) url change, again.

Mobile and internet provider:
I am currently with fido pre-paid services and wanna move to another level in january – i will need a good but cheap provider, a new cellphone with camera in + a new internet provider ‘caus bell sucks (i currently have dsl with bell for 28$/month).

Is there a good cellphone & high speed internet deal somewhere which is affoardable?

Author: m-c

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