He’s just not that into you

or i’m just not into it.

This book – He’s just not that into you – a q’s and a’s book dedicated to woman, offering them advices about dating issues – seems to be everywhere i go, excerpts are on every websites, even my friends bring it up to me.

all i can say is Stooooop it!

Do we really need another book about how to do things right? What’s wrong, what’s hot, what’s not, what’s in, what’s out, how to loose 10 pounds in a second, how to get more productive, better housewife, friends, neighbors, girls, boys, dogs… grrrr.

How about a book titled ‘how to shape an opinion about life by yourself’?

This said, get out there, try things, follow your guts, your intuition. Do things as you feel like to do them – stop waiting for someone to tell you how to live-eat-sleep-talk-walk or take a piss.

I havn’t read the book, but i’ve heard enough about it in the last days to shape my own opinion. Trash, garbage, not for me thanx.

Author: m-c

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