Update – Le geocaching, chasse au trésor high-tech
J’ai trouvé un reportage sur le site web de la src qui explique assez bien le phénomène.

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Reading this post (m. was at y’lblog meeting yesterday), i surfed to Michelle’s site and got introduced to some new usage of wireless network and got all excited. I heard about these projects before, but i only was able to catch glimpses of info, so i decided to investigate a little on the topic.

Geocaching (pronounced Geo-cashing)
Adventure game for gps devices users, geocaching seems to be a growing outdoor sport for geeks. The idea might be a little hard to understand for most people (it involves new technologies and use terms such as ‘Global Positioning Stash hunt’ which might not be known from everyone yet), and is relatively a new phenomenon, but it seems pretty easy to setup or play – and actually fun.

As of today, there are 131777 active caches in 212 countries.
In the last 7 days, there have been 75107 new logs written by 14946 account holders.

Check out the website to get to know more, or you might want to get ‘The Idiot’s guide to geocaching‘ (isn’t this the perfect xmas gift for your mum?).

Geostash, a toronto based project that takes is cue from the practice of geocaching:

Geostash is a public art project that uses the city of Toronto as its inspiration and utilises Global Positioning Technology (GPS) and the web as a means to achieve its creative goals.

My investigation will continue, let me know if there is anything else i should know about.. related links etc. Is Mtl up to geocaching yet?

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