Pretty in pink

C’est après avoir fermement décidé de rester à la maison avec grozamour et tinamour hier soir que je me suis retrouvée à l’hypertaverne avec MJ à 23h.

I am oh so weak.

So yeah, we’ve been having another girls nite out, but this time at edgar l’hypertaverne (que j’ai rebatisé Gérard l’hypertaverne pour mon plaisir personnel) and to some other place afterwards.

At least we didn’t made it out ’till 4 am this time, so i have plenty of energy left for tonight.

* * *

While still at home trying to pull myself away from going out, i’ve been watching John Hughe’s Pretty in pink. Oh dear, how everything looked great in the 80’s. Molly Ringwald had such great outfits, while Andrew McCarthy was the first actor i had a major crush on (i was 11 then). Thanks to the great sndtrk, i have been discovering bands such as New Order and The Smiths, OMD and The Psychedelic Furs.

A must have for any 80’s lovers.

Author: m-c

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