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Interesting threads on this blog, about blogging (and hey, some of my stuff from ‘10 reasons why blogging is good for you‘ is up there!).

I have just come to know the term ‘blogging evangelist’. Sure the meaning fits to me, but it still snd a little too strong to use. As it is with the term ‘artist’, i definitely do not fit in any special place but in many places at the same time.

gosh. need coffee.

* * *

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Feedburner, any blogger wildest dream about your feed stats.

more about it,
How does one get started with all of this (blog) ? People. Passionate, smart people. Give them the conversational tools and they will expand their over-the-cubicle conversations out into their wider sphere of contacts and sources, creating more potential for innovation and flexibility within the organization. at knowledge jolt

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