Logan, ACNE and J. Davis’s work

Hell nice. Logan‘s work for Apple, VH1, Gap, Aiga, is absolutely stunning.

Check out the rogers/yahoo adds.. slick and clean, and the snd is just great — how i like it. Also see the VH1 spot (the first of the 3 shown there).

* * *

Do someone remember Netbaby world? I remember this guy from sweden giving a conference at berlin beta in 2001, real nice stuff. I even got one of their tshirt (still have it somewhere) and still have my netbaby porte clef which is now close to fall into pieces.

Anyways, these guys are somehow related with ACNE. I have found out a cool promotion they have made for The Sims2, check it out!


Joshua Davis has designed an application that displays current time, calendar with a bkg animation for Sony Vaio. Looks neat, but hm, not sure i need that at home.

Author: m-c

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