Pecan pie

I, starting from today, will stop using ‘chumé’ as a nickname for my new friend, for a simple reason being that i can -now that i know him a little more and that he just doesn’t know what chumé means and i cant find the right word to translate cette expression qui nous viens tout droit du fond d’une région québecquoise- use a proper name to write about him, without of course revealing his true identity.

Dear pals, chumé will from now on be named monsieur p. (p. is actually standing as the first letter of his first name and nothing else than that -you twisted mind…).

* * *

So yeah, i am crazy about pecan pie, now that monsieur p’s mother brought him some of this exotic home made desert last weekend. Espérons seulement que les talents culinaires se transmettent génétiquement dans cette famille.

Author: m-c

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