a “holiday looking like” lifestyle and round bellies

I have been busy lately creating myself something that looks like holidays. Oh ha, it’s so difficult for me to just sit and do nothing!

I took 2 days of my holidays to close down some projects so i can start fresh after holiday time.

Here’s my list of things done, it feels oh so nice to write these down:

– finished meb’s poetry book design
– finished several paintings
– did many drawings
– worked on the collective collage books i have with guylaine and chumé,
– finally got started 3 book projects
– cleaned the big board of idea and decided on which projects i would work on this fall (see list below).

here’s my list of projects i will be working on this fall:
– continue painting at the rhythm of 1 painting a month
– continue journal and scrapbooking
– continue working on these 3 book projects i have so i can get one out to an editor
– getting my painting portfolio out to galleries in mtl and in the usa
– get a new version of my portfolio site online
– start writing with meb
– continue the collective collage books i have with guylaine and chumé
– having singning class

* * *

Beside all that, life keeps on going. I feel like a 29 years old girl who will be turning 30 next year. My body is sending me more and more strange hormonal signals.

Does every girl turning 30 do start feeling obsessed with kids and see pregnant women’s belly everywhere?

I never did so, this never happened to me before. And it feels fucking strange to have these thoughts.

‘hell is happening with me?

Author: m-c

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